Court Bonds

Court Surety Bonds

As part of the underwriting process, we will require the following information: Plaintiff/defendant basic contact information, age, personal financial statement data, lawyer name and information, court information, case papers, and previous rulings/judgments. Depending on the bond, additional information may be required. We will request personal credit information from a credit reporting agency.

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Common bond types include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Appeal Bond
  • Attachment Bond – Plaintiff
  • Attachment Bond – Defendant
  • Indemnity to Sheriff or Marshal
  • Injunction – Plaintiff’s bond to secure
  • Injunction – Defendant’s bond to dissolve
  • Mechanics Lien – Bond to discharge
  • Replevin – Plaintiff’s bond to secure
  • Replevin – Defendant’s bond to recover