Public Official Bonds

As part of the underwriting process, we will require the following information: basic contact information, bond penalty amount, age, office held, Elect/appointed, when office term begins, did you hold office in prior term, date of last regulatory audit & findings, banks designated as depositories for public funds & maximum deposit amount, name of last employer, personal financial statement data, and do you purchase a public employees blanket bond for your deputies and subordinates. Depending on the bond, additional information may be required. We will request personal credit information from a credit reporting agency.

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Common business classes that require these bonds include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Treasurers & Tax Collectors
  • Peace Officers
  • Judges
  • Court Clerks
  • Notary
  • Agents selling Hunting and Fishing Licenses
  • Contract Postal Units
  • Deputy Registrar (Automobile & Boat)
  • FHA Loan Closing Attorney

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Bonds for public officials are designed in good faith to guarantee honorable service from said officials. Such bonds are issued at the state, bond, and job amount, and are in no way influenced by your credit score. If your position is with the government instead of one regulated by the government, such as a notary, you will probably not have to pay for the bond. The government will pay for it instead. In comparison, if you are a notary, you will have to pay for your bond unless your employer chooses to do so.

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