Lost Securities Bond Application

Lost Securities Surety Bond Application

Unlike most other commercial surety bonds, lost securities bonds are not required by statute, regulation or law, and because of this they’re considered voluntary.  A bank or other financial instrument issuer can require the purchase of a lost instrument bond prior to re-issuing the lost security.  The bond protects the issuer in the event that the original security and the replacement security are both converted.  Stock certificates, life insurance policies, real estate certificates, savings passbooks, certificates of deposit, and cashier checks are common financial instruments that can be lost and re-issued necessitating this type of bond.  It is common for these bonds to arise out of estates of deceased persons as evidence of a life insurance policy or stock purchases are found but the actual policy or certificates are not.  It is also common for these bonds to arise out of business combinations.  When one company is acquired it is not uncommon for a stockholder to have lost his/her stock certificates and need to be issued replacements prior to the completion of the sale.

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Lost Securities Application

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