License & Permit Bond Application

License & Permit Surety Bonds Application

License and permit bonds are types of surety bonds that are sometimes known simply as license bonds. They are also often referred to as commercial bonds. These permit surety bonds are a pre-licensing requirement by the government for a number of types of businesses including:

Why do I Need a License and Permit Bond?

Licenses and permit bonds guarantee that a business will operate according to federal, state, and local regulations and laws. There is a specific type of license and permit bond for each industry requiring one, but all permit bonds protect customers and/or taxpayers from damages.

What do These Bonds Do?

Typically, license and permit bonds protect consumers and/or taxpayers from businesses that would commit fraudulent acts. Bonded and licensed businesses operate legally, as these businesses must obtain bonding before applying for a license or permit. Each bond protects up to a specific dollar amount, which is called the total bond amount. Required total bond amounts vary from industry to industry, and by the size of the business, as well as from state to state.

How Much do I Have to Pay to be Bonded?

Since the price of license and permit bonds varies, Meadowbrook Direct suggests you apply online to get a fast and easy quote. We are able to gather all of the details of your required bond and give you a price that is at least 25% less than the competition. The process for purchasing a license and permit bond with Meadowbrook Direct is simple and fast. Apply today, and you could get a bond in one business day.

Please complete the License & Permit Surety Bond application and hit submit. Our Surety Team will respond to you within one business day. You can contact us at (866) 207-5520 or e-mail us at if you have any questions, or are in need of assistance.

L&P Application

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Financial guarantees are livestock dealers bonds, tax bonds, etc.

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If this is the bond you need, download and submit the application below. All applicants will receive a response within one business day. Still not sure what type of bond is right for your business? Contact us at (866) 207-5520 or email our team for assistance.

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