Surety Bonds

Meadowbrook Direct can provide the surety bond you need to conduct business. As a surety company, rather than an agency, we offer many different types of surety bonds and can help you purchase the right one for your situation. If you don’t see your type listed on our website, just tell us which one you require. Our professional team has experience helping clients to facilitate the process quickly, offering a lower price on your bonds than our competition.

Welcome to our master directory. Here you will find a brief description about each type. Selecting a type will take you to an informational page that will allow you to start the purchase process. If at any time you need assistance or have questions please call us at (866) 207-5520 or e-mail us at We are not currently offering our product in Alaska.

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States, counties, and cities require these bonds from contractors and construction-related companies. They guarantee the contractor will comply with various building codes and can, depending on the municipality, make broader guarantees, including some sort of completion clause.

Government agencies require that business owners transacting in specific industries purchase one before becoming legally licensed. They are called statutory license and permit, and protect consumers by guaranteeing that businesses will adhere to regulations set forth by federal, state, and local government agencies.

This type guarantees that a civic or federal employee will act honestly and faithfully while engaging in the duties of a public official. They protect taxpayers and ensure that fees, fines, and other expenses levied for noncompliance are recovered.

In addition to these, Meadowbrook Direct sells:

  • Court & Litigation Bonds.
  • Probate & Fiduciary Bonds.
  • Various types of miscellaneous surety bonds.

We offer speedy processing to finalize and print your policy within one business day. Plus, our rates are 25% lower than most surety companies.

A guarantee required by Statute or Court Order for the benefit of another person, company, public, state or federal entity, otherwise known as the Obligee. They are filed in connection with litigation by a Principal as specified by the Court. The Principal can be the Appellant, Plaintiff, Defendant, or anyone who seeks Court Intervention. They protect the Obligee from loss as a result of the ensuing litigation.

A Fiduciary is someone who, under jurisdiction and supervision of a Court, administers property held in trust. The Fiduciary is generally required by law to provide a bond. This guarantees faithful performance and compliance with Court Orders. It does not serve as coverage for the fiduciary, but rather as protection for the heirs, incompetent, creditors, etc.

Are required by the state and are intended to “guarantee” performance or compliance. They are relatively inexpensive, typically costing $40, and they run with the notary commission. Only 30 states and the District of Columbia require notaries to purchase a surety bond, and Meadowbrook Direct is your place to go for fast delivery and low prices. These are considered a public official’s bond.

Are a category that don’t fit into any recognized division or category and are therefore placed in its own miscellaneous category. This category covers “everything else”. Most bonds that fall into this category are hazardous and will require financial statements and excellent credit history.

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